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Have you been trying to get pregnant, but are disappointed month after month as you wonder why God put a dream to become a mother in your heart?

This podcast will give you all the answers for the roadmap to healthy conceptions, understanding your body and how to support it naturally, and getting Godly wisdom and encouragement through this journey.

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A wife, stay-at-home mom, and daughter of God. I have three children here on earth, and three babies in heaven.

Even after our third miscarriage, I left my doctor’s appointment wondering if I’d ever get answers or figure out what to do to prevent another one. I searched google like crazy to figure out cycle and hormonal health, just to be left feeling more confused.

God finally revealed to us what we were missing in this heartbreaking journey: understanding my cycle and supporting it naturally.

I’m praising God for showing me the answers and lifestyle for how to get pregnant and carry that baby to a healthy delivery. With little tweaks, changes, and disciplines, it is SO do-able to implement. And I’m ready to share it with you!

I’m your host, bekah yawn:

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- dana che -

Bekah brings such a comforting and encouraging voice to a much-needed conversation! As Christians, we do not have to pretend to understand when we suffer. bekah helps listeners to process real emotions with god.

- RF Lawyer mama -

Thank god for women like bekah who are educating women out there who feel like they have no resources on fertility! 

- abot99 -

recently just went through my third miscarriage right before the holidays. i was frustrated and sank into depression when i finally started listening to this podcast. so much biblical knowledge and a spiritual understanding. this podcast is helping me find peace and joy throughout the hardships knowing our god is good!

- mama cabinet -

I love how hormones are talked about in a biblical perspective on this podcast! 

- dani -

bekah is very educated and explains complicated health issues clearly and easy to understand. using the word of god makes these conversations so enlightening. 

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